Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis

Assistant Professor
Earth & Planetary Sciences

Email: klewis "at" jhu . edu
Phone: (410)-516-5274

  I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

  These pages highlight some of our latest research projects within the Planetary Surfaces research group at Johns Hopkins. In general, our research focuses on problems in planetary geophysics, from the scale of a grain of sand all the way up to the crust of a planet. I have worked in depth on the nature of sedimentary rocks of Mars, and what they might record about that planet's past climate and habitability. More recently, I have been interested in planetary crustal structure, and what we can learn from gravity and magnetic fields. These methods allow us to probe deeper into a planet, and can can reveal unique information regarding the history of Mars and other bodies.

  Although my focus is often on Mars, I try not to forget that the Earth is a planet too.